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Behind the lights and cameras, Behind the edits and makeup,  I am unique. Hidden behind the photoshop Is a girl who just wants to be heard.  Who wants to be noticed,  To be cared for,
Nobody is perfect, I hear it every day, "Flawless just doesn't exist", But who cares what people say.   Beautiful, confident, bold; Ugly, fat, queer; We are our greatest critics,
An understanding towards people No matter who they are Because giving is always better Than avoiding the cause.     It’s the quietness of a whisper, The softness of a puppy,
At a first glance, my image won't cause your heart to dance.
Self love   
There was a face A face I analyzed like a dissection  Blemished with scars and beauty marks Stained with exhaustion and fear Consumed by society’s ideals A face that did not realize what it was worth
I am enough Beautiful Smart                And imperfect But through My imperfections I can make this world great I can give my Time Service And talents
Flawless Is that a thing? When I look down I see a disproportioned girl When I look in the mirror I see an unsatisfied girl When I look into my eyes, I see an empty, sad, and lonely girl.  
I am Flawless
I could not determine why I continued to let my hopes and dreams die Turns out...
Right here, right now, she sees what she wants Eyes, a nose, and a mouth The paint along her cheeks The black surrounding her eyes. It's a mask.   Disguising the doubt and hate.
My mind is a clock tower, the cogs ever turning; My heart a cauldron of passion foaming, churning, burning. I've yet to unlock what's deep down inside,
Growing up in a rural town, a child is planted in a foundation based on a few societal beliefs That God is the only un-defyable truth in life and societal obedience defines your worth
Happiness As easy for me to spread as cooties Smiling is my super power With a laugh that can save a life Why shouldn't I fly up,up, and away? I will protect the world with the best of me
I like me, To a point, I mean at least I don't flee, I don't need a damn joint, I am Diabetic, It just so happens to be genetic, Auto Immune disorder, Something I can't get in order,
Mime in the Mute
Naked standing in front of the mirror, Prays to herself, Wondering why she is so beautiful like momma  
God is the maker of all        mankindHes so flawless he will blow     your mindI wanna be a member of    his     teamTrying to live holy with
Gazing at the long mirror that attaches to my beige dresser  I have a serious, yet soft look on my face Three hours of getting ready
Even though I'm freckled and thick Even though I'm blind and poor Even though I'm short and white Your words don't hurt me anymore   I've come to learn what it's all about
A conflict centuries old The face, aboriginal Indigenous And Yet I realize as the moon kisses The ocean and the dog Reminisces over January That I did wake up, like this,
What does skinny mean to you It was my whole world
All I can see is my imperfections Not realising each one of them is a blessing God has made everyone with care When it feels like it is falling Apart Remember to every end there's a start
Flawless that is what I am I might not  be drop dead gorgeous but I don't care
The mirror cracks with broken glass unable to hold the lies that are told everything plastic thought as attractive the soulless has worth we're told to convert what is to live
Now, I will step forward. Later, I will step up. But never, will I step down.   No speech, no sermon, no diatribe Will break me or my ambition. Because I have the drive.  
When people look at me they call me beautiful but i dont see  what they see when i look in a mirror i see a girl with black hair and dressed in black from her head  to her toes
Everything and nothing are revelant sources, life and death are not so far behind. These things are relevant to each other, and knowldege and wisdom are not far behind.  Look around there is a sure sign of it.
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