The Beauty of One


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Gazing at the long mirror that attaches to my beige dresser

 I have a serious, yet soft look on my face

Three hours of getting ready

With shiny, brown, curled-ribbon hair;

My favorite black shirt with 'California' written on it and sides cut out

and faded blue shorts

I'm still not satisfied with what I see.

I begin to heavily stare at my cinnamon colored face and point out something wrong

I look down while slowly pulling up my shirt

Then see the rest of the awkwardly-shaped body I wish I didn't have

It becomes difficult to find somethg I love about myself

All the insecurities that run through my head like a broken record,

 Come to mind

I want That perfect impossible image everyone would Die for

All these drop-dead gorgeous actresses, models, and girls who are beyond beautiful

How can I compete?

When my eyes finally focus back up to my face

A vivid memory of my childhood plays

She sat there on the couch perfectly, charmingly

Smiing gracefully and staring at me

The words began to lift from her beautifully shaped lips

"I love your hair! It's so pretty, I wish my hair was as long and straight as yours."

To hear a compliment from her, for a single second I Had That perfect impossible image

My self-esteem rose

I decided to donate my hair to girls with cancer

For them to feel beautiful

Its healthy, naturally straight, long, silky, natural

A little girl with cancer would love hair like mine

Many would want my hair

I realize this is the most Flawless feature on Me

I Love My Hair

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