An Immaculate Intelligence

At a first glance, my image won't cause your heart to dance.

That's not lack of confidence, that's just knowing where I stand.

My thick thighs and basic brown eyes draw few, if any, in.

I'm simply not the type of girl whose beauty makes your head spin.

But that's O.K.A.Y.

Because I'm contented this way.

I have a captivating mind.

A searing passion for rhyme.

An immaculate intelligence

And an unblemished benevolence.

My mind is as broad as can be!

It surpasses the pulchritude of even the sea!

It's flawless...embodied in allure.

It's a precious gift from God...exquisite and pure.

Flawless faces are fleeting, whereas my brilliance will never leave me.

Glamour of my guise, or noticeable cleverness in my eyes?

I'll take my brain, regardless if it renders my appearance plain.

I'd much rather be remembered as "the girl with the whimsical mind" than "the chick with the breathtaking behind."

If even after I'm in a coffin lain, people were discussing from me the wisdom they've gained, then I'd know that my whole life like so many others' was not all in vain.

And that's much more than what some people can say.

A mind flawless leaves you dauntless.

Beauty is only skin-deep. But a mind? That can set you free. Trust me.


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