Finding Love

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To You: To Who ever you shall be?... Wheneveryou shall arrive If Ever, I do not know...But; In my heart, I Believe So! To You; I MUST believe IS true,
The droning of the engine reverberatesDawn draws to a close and eyes dilateAs the stop and go cycle but replicates
When I have lied to myself and others for so long, It is hard to see who is wrong, We could lie to ourselves like we always do, But since I have had so much more pain to go through,
Two strangers are in line on a perfect day with a clear blue sky, One of them watches something beautiful looking towards the ground as it goes on by, Then he feels her turn around as she begins to realize,
  I could not stop myself from taking flight, And eventually, I got lost in her light. I prayed that no one would notice my desperate glances,
Death, just and fair,Beautiful and twisted,Tangible as the air,Unable to be resisted.Death, a friend of mine,I will stay with you even as a ghost,Because through all this time,
Mirror Mirror On The Wall
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