Wed, 09/27/2017 - 10:59 -- ACME

Death, just and fair,
Beautiful and twisted,
Tangible as the air,
Unable to be resisted.
Death, a friend of mine,
I will stay with you even as a ghost,
Because through all this time,
You were closest to me the most.
So dear Death, welcome me,
Into your home beneath,
Dearest Death, set me free,
Be my ethereal sheath.
In your embrace I find rest,
In you I find comfort amid the turmoil of life,
I can lean upon your chest,
And forget my every trouble and strife.
You will lean your weight,
On me right back.
Us being together is fate,
We are what we each lack.
Dearest friend you are my freedom and shackles,
You are closer to my heart than my blood,
You are my nightmare and my fairy tale,
My drought and flood.
I will join you soon my dear,
So please welcome me,
For I have no fear,
Of being free.


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