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This had always been the plan Erasing every last memory No one would remember Except for those who chose To remember everything  
the girls are going missing.  i hear voices in convenience store buzz and see a crime scene in the cherry pie on an empty shelf. eastern hum; the sound of 
How can I cope with the things that I am coming across How can I remain the girl I used to be  How can I smile and laugh like I did back then When I know what they think of me How do you expect me to live my life 
If i disappear will you look for me? In the misty spring nights And beneath the willow tree And where the deer fight?
I just want to run, run, run.
What a difference between night and day.
Do you ever feel like you are disappearing? Like you are slowly losing everything that you were born with. Do you ever feel like you are falling? Like the world is rushing by you at a hundred thousand miles a minute.
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