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The Earth is shaking And its cracks showcase chaos. Get away from them!
The clouds are swirling. It is a dangerous sight. It sucks up our day.
You walk towards me, effortlessly showing how flawless you are, with the wind around you content, as if twirling to celebrate your existence.  You’re a breathing piece of literary art and you don’t even know it. 
I live moment to moment Heck, I am the moments I am that moment when you're in the middle of texting someone and they call you
It feels like a storm, Loud, gloomy, and yet so calm. As hauntingly dark as nightfall, Yet still light like a rain cloud.  
The road so long and winding, The rocks beneath my feet watching, I kick a rock, I watch it roll; then it stops, And then I keep on walking.  
Laughter is crying From the mouth instead of the eyes A constant reaction Carried by the human nerve Sort of a chemical reaction in the mind Solved by society's viewpoint of life Humor is sadness
Quiet, I sit and take in the world, spinning in drifts -- golden flecks of ash— a cloud of shimmering possibilities shade my reality.
Jumbled nerves tangled thoughts calculation, manipulation tugging cuff take a seat breath out count to ten watch their faces blankly staring   avoid the labels attained
My lover has no name, his story has no end.  If only I knew how to think, then I'd know where to begin.  He's so incomplete the missing piece from a puzzle that's been discarded. 
The long path way,
My eyes flutter open
The rain dropsnot from the clouds,but from the Heavens above.They drip from the treetopsand drop from each branchand nestle into leaves,glisten on webs woven tight fromspiders at night,
Tan marble wall paper Oversize purple leather couch French-style upholstered chair   Fish tank Radio Painting of a blue barn   Toy closet Blue bathroom Purple carpet
And I think I love your smile the most 'Cause it says all the things I didn't know And if you'd only smile some more I'd smile and know what I didn't before
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