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"How did your baseball game?," was the innocent question that I asked that started it all. When I asked you that, I never in a million years thought that I would continue to fall.
Well a lifetime slipped right on by Underneath my wing In the space between youth and it's timeless lies A lifetime found its way ahead of me One more time I thought i'd outrun it
I keep a closed circle  So, I forgot what it means To keep a close circle E I’m not who I used to be   My heart has turned purple 
There's an intangible outside force that consumes me. It's dark, fierce, and rugged. I become enveloped by it, wrapped in its jaws, as I aimlessly fall into its deep, boundless abyss.
Cold, wet, and defeatedThe angel laid her hand on my shoulder"Let me show you you aren't depleted,Come with me or grow colder.This is not what you intendedI can show you the light,
Nothing stated, nothing faded  All this time turned to empty spaces. Nothing figured, nothing thought Incomplete a total loss. Nothing true, nothing bright
' 'she is nothing but a slut' ' face pale  lips Glossy ' 'she is nothing but a freak' ' pale blue eyes  chocolate lockes ' 'her makeup looks terrible' '
It’s you You that I am scared of You chose me as your target all because of the way i look Or maybe it’s because I’m better than you Are you mad at the fact that I don’t have to
Breaking Branches Falling Leaves Seasons Change Caring Need Rolled down Sleeves Icy eyes Hurting Heart Who Survives?
Without a raise of the hand, I stood Knowing that I could be stifled, I know I did not care. Without a raise of the hand, I spoke Meaning no disrespect, but respect was the only matter on my mind.
I’ve dealt with a lot. I’ve been bullied, I’ve been heart broken, I’ve been ignored, I’ve been abandoned, I’ve been invisible, I’ve been a target. They tell me it’s just the
Cannot go any further, the pain hurts just so For months and months, they taunted Mocked and tortured the soul Bullies amuck
will does not force my mask, a loney mood and empty flask, does make my mind go numb, behind this smile that you see, is not a face so carefree, abandon hope of helpful hands,
A fool, a joke. I didn't know what else to expect. I thought he was cool And now everything's been wrecked.
I take a knife And slit my skin, Exposing my heart Reach in And tear it out still beating Its erratic rhythm. I show my exposed story, My deepest truth Only to One Who gives me a reaction
There have been wounds in my life. I'm used to the pain. I have been chasing love. I'm invisible on this earth, I'm always transparent. Even by my own parents. I have learned since I was older...
i am blinded by my tears as voices screech uncontrollably in my ears. i reach out to find relief, but all that returns are thoughts of defeat.
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