d e f e a t e d


United States
40° 26' 55.842" N, 84° 24' 24.3396" W

i am blinded by my tears
as voices screech uncontrollably in my ears.
i reach out to find relief,
but all that returns are thoughts of defeat.

the ice cold tile
sends a shiver down my spine.
water crashes to the floor.
will i ever feel fine?

i begin to taste my thoughts,
so thick with emotion and fear.
i release everything i am,
but my mind ceases to clear.

i withdraw myself from the world,
if only for awhile.
what i’d give to taste your presence,
your innocence,
your smile.

visions of those days
weigh down my troubled mind.
along with what could have been,
i feel myself go blind.

the reflection in the mirror
is all that i have left—
but even this is a struggle for me
to stare deep into the eyes
of the person i am a s h a m e d to be.


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