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I tried to hide but my eyes betray me, each time. I've sealed my lips but my heart jumps out, each time. I'm sure my face says it all, how do I hide that, each time?
I wish the world would go silent So I could listen to the drip,  drip, dripping Of the water leaking in from the cracks in the walls Filling up this tiny room. As the air escapes
Stop wondrous things and look at this misfortune A soul has arrived due to physical exhaustion Just when the positive vibe arrives it leaves a sense of caution So listen to the spiritual uproar
Life isn't as easy as people make it look, next time your in class, think, you see that kid acting goofy? The one who sits there and does nothing all class, sits there on his ass and makes comments trying to get you to laugh?
When the winds ice your cheek And the pedals are at work, You look to the world around you And you wear a gentle smirk.   The leaves are racing along the road
You really don't know when the end comes, the end of anything. I felt everything I needing to feel, craving to feel and it's sharp heel digging into my skull, I never asked, but was worthy enough for it.
Standing in a room full of people We exchange fake smiles This is something we are all so familiar with Our individual thoughts silenced Silenced by ourselves We laugh It seems so real
Day inDay out
Today I was anxious and in a rumble,  but I tried to stay positive and not stumble. I looked out the window and saw the blues, the grays, whites and greens,
The past,  the present, loom together to torture. I can't even seem to remember, or even able to consider, the future. Everything is wrapped together in a maze,  the past, present, future, it's all the same. 
Dark temptations, in my mind its crazy a woman whose pregnant said its mine im waisted on some ... told her to abort, shes worried but said this seeds thats inside is chosen
I dont want the scars  to represent the weakeness  I aquired.  I dont want them  to be a false representation.  They do not define who I am.  They should not tell you
The rigor of staying sane is hard to steady, especially when the rain falls harder for those minds not ready.
Cold steel touches warm skin. This time I hope the blade wins... Sharp edge touches bare skin. The slice feels like nothing more than the prick of a pin...   Drop by drop crimson appears... 
People think me strong. I know that I am weak. People think me wise. I know that I am foolish. People think me happy. I know that despair has taken over my life. People think they know. They have no idea. They don't know my mistakes.
Normal is Boring Doing the Same Routine Daily Everybody dresses the same Its like playing an old game of Follow the Leader One that never ends We all go this way Or that way
Poetry is self expression. No guidlines, no rules. Noone to tell you, "you're doing it wronge" or "you have to do this too." Poetry doesn't have to rhyme, have 10 beats, or eight lines.
Watching stains on the sidewalk.. Listening to the birds talk, - Mind's Gone. No one with the words to say.. or listen to the words I say, - I'm Alone. Soft whispers of those who hate..
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