Deep Thoughts(Parental Advisory)

Dark temptations,

in my mind its crazy

a woman whose pregnant said its mine im waisted

on some ...

told her to abort,

shes worried

but said this seeds thats inside is chosen

I told her to do what you wanna do

i really dont care

but honestly my heart was racin, im scared

this love affair 

isnt fare

i even throught about pushing her down the stairs

even had visions of the blood

squirting everywhere

its messed up,my life became a truth or dare

face the facts,its not turning back

i sat on the front porch 

to light up a black

but the funny thing is that im not used to smoking

but i lit up anyways,immediately choking

a slight buzz 

now i became lifted

take the bottle to the head 

ask God to forgive me

for becomeing a siner

from my waist layed a weapon with a trigger

i pulled my hand onto the grip 

whats the reason for life i said

enough going through my mind

felt the vessels bursting in my head 

pleasure with pain,overdosed in sinful regret

a child with a coward as a father the same as how my father done me

but its better to be gone before this piece of me is showing

in her belly

at least he wont have the chance to know me

as the failure im am,see i cant do it ,with agression i scream


with my finger i squessed ,as The world goes silient as my future decrease.




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