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I'm sitting here at war with myself. Part of me is wondering what I bother for. The other part is begging to heal. But I can't determine which is real, Or which entity I feed.
When your back is pushed against the wall Keep ya head up 
Take this in, deep down inside. With all the wrong and all the right. Only you know, only you see.
You can't miss heaven and hell at the same time, You heart will always hold on to one. Why not make the right choice, and be righteous? Take a look at Zacchaeus, He once lived a life like yours,
In this world, there are numerous paths to take. Some involve truth, while others are all about being fake. The hardest to walk is that which involves Faith.  But you've got nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain.
Singing Bells Heaven or Hell To live or die To sin or to lie To forgive or to be forgiven How are some people afraid of liven A heart beats The new air it greets My heart pumps
Mother, why did you to take my life away? Why couldn’t I be allowed to live? Why must I never see the world? Was a grave all that you could give?
In a world full of strong and weak, dark and light, day and night, I open my eyes and the truth to seek.   There is the bad, to which it seems, is the easiest to see, and more so had.
This poem was inspired by Rosemarie Uquico's poem "Date A Girl Who Reads."  
Take a deep breath, relax, Pick up a pen, and write. Let your mind take you in a direction Where you’ve never gone before Wondering upon the depths of a life’s journey To the rocky plains of the mountain tops
It's just another day, I see the sun through the window blinds The same people, same problems I worry about too many times.
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