In a world full of strong and weak,

dark and light,

day and night,

I open my eyes and the truth to seek.


There is the bad,

to which it seems,

is the easiest to see,

and more so had.


Another cheek you turn,

neglect is all you learn, 

in a world that you yearn, 

as you watch tomorrow burn,



we hear again and again on the run,

we watch our children and fathers,

our mothers and our daughters,

fall to yet another gun.


We tire of a world,

where death, decay, and the KKK,

slowly wither our world away,

are turned over shoulders... the truth never unfurled.


But we see what we choose,

and we choose what to see,

so tell me,

have you chosen to see the sea?


The waves are free,

the wind is happy and the sky is bright,

the smell is a delight,

brings joy to so many others, including me.


This is the counter part of bad, to which is good,

is the better of the two,

so true, through and through,

is as it should.


The lost is found,

loved ones reunite,

may they have been from over land or sea alright,

back in the arms of the loved safe and sound.


The kindness in the hearts of pure,

bring miracles and gentleness,

non judgmental blessedness,

easily the hatreds cure.


The beaten are saved,

those who felt alone gain,

a helping hand to help stop the pain,

when asked for help no longer depraved.


I ask to be heard,

to speak out the truth!

To not just speak out to the youth,

the truth no longer blurred.


I have chosen to see 

not just death and decay, 

for my future is bright

and the world, well the world is my light,

just as yours can be.


When you look around what do you see?

is it death and decay

or a world that's free?

So now you have seen what I choose to see

will you turn the other cheek, or will you see like me?


The world in not perfect,

nor is it kind,

but kindness we can bring and with this it will shine.

Be warned if continued to be blind then there shall be more neglect.


So I say stand up! Be heard!

Bring more kindness,

that is the cure to no more evil blindness,

kindness is the word.


A word that I choose.


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