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I want you for you  All hands in No second thoughts You my ride or die  You the boss I been lackin And slackin 
The passion and excitement surround me like bees surround flowers when searching for nectar Id like to consider myself a bee and the sweet taste of success as my nectar One taste of success leaves me craving more and more
she flies and floats and carries out every job she knows she needs to do. she flies and floats not asking questions, or asking for any more. she flies and floats wondering if there is anymore out there,
So much relies uponLittle working bees.From cold winters to scorching summers,The bees never failTo contribute for their hive.  
Quaint, a bee, Zooms rapidly, Through the warm moonlight.   Her destination predesigned, A star upon the night.  
There was so much poetry in her soft moaning buds beckon petals luring bees buzzing in pollinated joy with sweet excitement.
the cutest thing is when we walk through a garden and the bees harmoniously hover around you miataking you for a flower oh silly bee, oh silly me i too make the same mistake   Kira
Flowers are sweet. Bees can sting, the last thing I heard was the songbird sing. Friendly pollinators make the flowers shake and tilt. All the while, you left me lying there buried in the silt.
You liked to look at old things like houses. It was like a system check to make sure you were alive. Then one night, while I was resting under the hazy watch of a dark sky, you made my body your house.
Because I was a bee and not a butterfly, I was born without  colorful wings that they had, I have very dull wings that no one notices Why aren't my wings not as beautiful as their wings?  
She works tirelessly through the afternoon. Forces down the sweet nectar of  fresh blossom, honey stomach full and thick.   She burrows her head in the hive, suffocated by the freckled cells,
I want to save the beesThose buzzing specs of insignificant works of breath are more human than I will ever beLoyalty resides in their instinctLike-mindedness is nurtured with butting antennaDetermination is the settlement of every flightTheir sel
Tssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.   Silence. That sound is a lover of the wind breathes essence of fire
Raw thoughts filled
If you think of Spring, what do you see?Flowers, eggs, bunnies, or bees?I see the grass, green and lush;The streams filled with a serene gush.The sky is a blanket, infinite and blue;
Global warming man We need more ice cubes for real We can change the world The world is nice Sooooo nice So we need to save it you know? Flowers are beautiful And so are the birds and bees
Global warming man We need more ice cubes for real We can change the world The world is nice Sooooo nice So we need to save it you know? Flowers are beautiful And so are the birds and bees
The busy buzzy bee,
The day is bright but there is no lightYou wonder how this could beIf you were meYou could surely seeThe beauty infront of me
  There's a beehive in my heartwhose bees buzz all nightthey’ve built honeycombs in my veinsmaking me as stiff as a tin man with no oil I bleed honeyand it attracts bears
The credits start to run after the images fade, Everyone agrees it was a great show and leaves, Not giving much thought to all the work it took to be made.
I write poems of anger Thoughts, frustrations Joy and fear As a means of putting out The words that come and swarm in My head like bees
Bees are sitting On the Wind Drifting Feeding On the Wind Bringing life to those once dead Bees are searching On the Wind
A dancer delicately flutters, Tiptoes, Pirouettes along the fibers in my mind, Still suspended in the limbo of REM, dreaming and lusting to put power to words. Match the brunt force and desire.
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