almost love

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slippery devil clash into my mind feels delicious naughty of dangerous time   so, if I stay with you I might crave a short walk on the wild side
summer fireworks of my heart makes me wonder challenging romantic running wild coloring outside the line brings new sensation smooth electricity up your spine  
I will make love with the Ocean in front of your eyes on the edge of the fine line with my mind open and eyes closed   wet sand in my hair the sense of sea fizz
With my broken Disconnected mind I will always be Connected with you   A chain of thoughts Turns me up like a wind And changes my mind In a hint   Stay focused on me
Look at the clear bright sky tonight Moon and the Stars above your head If you wait long enough You will see a bright light of the lost Perseidas Shooting stars might show me your face
Dear boy I almost could have loved, I miss you I miss you like the sun misses the moon Fine and then crashing Slowly So slowly
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