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Acclimating to the weather patterns of a Best friend whose Climate is so heated by the breath of polar bear Dogs, takes time,
Adoring love is never seen as something to shy away from, beware is never a word used. Creating false dreams that sit on clouds up above our heads. Determined at first to bring soft shade on a hot day.
Aren’t you brighter than the sun? Zinged you there didn’t I? But I guess it can’t be helped, You are after all the Cream corn of the crop. Xeroxed your intelligence and Dang, more blank paper.
Okay God, what do I do now? I've prayed and rebuked, but the feelings of everything cloud my mind. It's not that I don't try, I won't lie, I do try... But, peace never seems to pass me by.
All is not lost Blossoms bloom through frost. Can’t the impossible be just a myth? Did not David beat Goliath? Everyone faces trials, Fear, doubts, and denials. Grin and bear it.
An extremely lost Bird flies high up in the Clouds, flies in a Daze, but Eager to be Found again. Golden feathers top its Head, with golden plumage flowing like
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