An Avian Abecedarian


United States
42° 39' 17.2548" N, 82° 55' 4.3824" W

An extremely lost
Bird flies high up in the
Clouds, flies in a
Daze, but
Eager to be
Found again.
Golden feathers top its
Head, with golden plumage flowing like
Ichor down its body, but its missing its
Joie de vivre*. The bird wants to
Kick back at
Life for being so
Melancholic, for
Not caring at all. It feels as if Life is
Over, feels as if there is no
Possible reason to keep flying. It is certainly
Quick to come up with this
Reason of life, so it sadly
Surrenders and falls
To earth. The bird knew, it was most
Unlikely that Death would
Vanish, that someone
Would save it. Its life would be completely
X-ed out, and the long
Years would pass on without it. The bird's life seem to have
Zero effect on this world, this Time.
Suffice it to say, the bird was wrong.

The bird gave up
Thinking there was no alternative.
There always is.

Everyone deserves to be
Alive, and not
Falling to the deaths, thinking
There is no hope for them.

*Joie de vivre: Love of Life


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