Aren’t you brighter than the sun?

Zinged you there didn’t I?

But I guess it can’t be helped,

You are after all the

Cream corn of the crop.

Xeroxed your intelligence and

Dang, more blank paper.

Why is that a great young mind’s

Elevation matches the

Vantage point of a mine?


Forget it! Just forget it!

Usury is the cause for misery

Grudging on, farther away from my desired path

To a land filled with thankless,

Horrific hive minded humans.


Sit silently you slippery snake

Imagine if the enemy

Rounded you up

Just imagine the danger your attempts can cause!

Quit quivering Quail

Konniving punks like you should be dead


Packed potatoes and peas.

Left again I did, went left and

Out of this so called


No more! No more usury, no more misery, no more hives 


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