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The green lands on the floor, Surrounded by bountiful trees all over. You listen, you can hear, you can see, But what is this exactly?
there’s nothing like a summer evening hair loose and feet bare dumb grins and happy stares the sun hits the air just so and the world glows
I'll make a castle out of you, Walls of bones and love and laughter, And I'll live forever after, And you won't even know,   As they sink you in the pit, As your lungs dry and turn black,
Paradise By: Noah Duncan   Sun in the sky The blue water looks clear I can feel the rush of the tropical breeze Men and women of different hues sing songs Songs of  freedom and justice 
Paradise By: Noah Duncan   Sun in the sky The blue water looks clear I can feel the rush of the tropical breeze Men and women of different hues sing songs Songs of  freedom and justice 
Oh, powerful Sun Illuminated still Like a plant, I reach to you ’til I’ve had my fill.   So, I flower & I fruit   & make aromatic scents with my skin living in perpetual radiance.
Oh she too dark. Oh she too picky. Oh she too skimpy. And her hair looks nappy. But she looks at herself... And she thinks happy. She ain’t wimpy. More so Out here getting
Concrete jungles and, Life without struggles Hunting for cuisine with, Sharpened green Traveling rolling canoes on, Dark gray routes
Girls are meant to be the assistant in a magic show Better seen not heard We should appear and disappear like the bunny out of your hat or the dove from your cloak. We have to change into whatever you want...
I've seen a lot of red   The first when leaving my mom on the first day ever Running downstairs to show dad Excitement, not fear, not nearves I was too young then   Bloody noses, bloody knees
You know what Darling? Throw away that makeup. Feel beautiful as you. Now this is not another one of those ones that is going to say acne is beautiful. That your flaws are perfection. No.
On the back porch looking out of the screen There is beauty that is before my eyes, with The green hills that span miles and miles. A Southern Delicacy
The gusts of wind through the trees sound like laughs and gasps of ecstasy the sharp grasss grabs at my back to keep me grounded next to roots of trees   Then I hear the bugs buzz behind my ears
Help me, with a Clarity of Feeling.   Naturally, as much as we can,  I must feel it.   Help me, Be at Peace with my Heart. I love Trust love.   Naturally,
Ebony Noun A heavy blackish or dark brown timber I am ebony Also known as a jewel You would be considered a fool  If you didn't see me as beautiful Look in the dictionary and
Diseases are taking overAnd sicknesses have prevailedIn this chemical world of oursMan playing God has failed.And it's not just the pills we takeBut the chemicals in our stuff
I’m just so tired of all this ad nebulosityBeing lectured on engine wear and motor oil viscosityBeing told I need drugs for emotional well-beingBecause I’m so stressed with all the violence I’m seeing
I came here with the seagulls  I’m a born city-dweller  but the water crashes
It's like my thoughts grow outta my head; every curl contains every word I done said every song I done heard every book I done read And that hate and pain is like shea butter
I never thought I'd meet people like them we were c
Take the picture.  Too high.  Too low.  Just right.  But what's wrong? Your nose is too big, Your smile looks weird, And your hair looks bad.  Take it again. And again.
Eyes torn, eyes bright; reaching  Hands clasped, outstretched; speaking. They tell my story, they lived my days: of teary-eyed nights but persistent days, spent studying, searching, for the ones who helped me see,
Natural I Am 
The twinkle in her eye, is like the stars, on a clear night. The blush of her cheek, is like pedals, of a soft young rose. The vibrance of her lips, is like cherries,
The tablet hovers before my face And captures it with an audible click a still reflection of me will join a sea of photography and my lungs are about to be flushed with eyes that are thirsty for their
My natural hair.   Long curly tresses that resemble that of a lion's mane. Oh how I remember the pain,   The pain of sittin' in that wooden chair as my momma combed my hair.
Jesus walks with in me day by day When I show them the real me they say it's not okay They say it's weird and awkward to show who you really are
Oh, how this place has become
Look at me bare Look at my face My freckles adorn me
She’s always saying speak up child
Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner Who's next? Me?
I wont look too long when I know I wont like what I see,
The harmless freckles that cover my face, The numerous scars on my cheeks and my waist, The extra skin that exists on my thighs, The obvious bags that surround my tired eyes, The size of my large and annoying ears,
No filter Well, I am pretty pale, and my teeth aren't that white. No filter But my smile does radiate, and my skin shows that life does have a bite. No filter
I don't know what I want
Hiding in
I look to the stars above: I see the galaxies, swirling In a brilliant array of light- Now I look at me.    I see two eyes Colored with the heavens' imagination. I see freckles,
 Her Salted Kiss Scars, scrapes, bruises. inevitable remarks that tell a story her salted ocean breeze whispers in my ear
Discolored Skin and Acne Marks..... I am BEAUTIFUL! Stretch Marks and Scars...... I am BEAUTIFUL!
I am a Natural Beauty Them contacts, I don't need Them lashes, I won't wear That makeup it looks nice but my perfect Natural skin it don't fit right wit Because my Beauty is Natural Yes I have a Natural fro
Each morning my face looks at me, Some days with sleep still in its eyes. And, though I like the face I see, It's time to put on my disguise. The brown eyelashes become black;
I am a beautiful woman But my mind body and soul Is confined by the powers of this intertwined worlds Of what we call social media. The filters of normal, Kentucky, slumber, and rise
I look in a mirror and see nothing I take a picture and see a plan face Only when adding a filter will I feel like something When I add filter I hide the dark tint on my skin Making it my very own filter
Aye, that natural beauty tells a story show my power and courage to not be like others Show off myself because theres only one of me with added enhancers we are all the same
I only have one shot at this, So I want to do it right. How does one take a selfie, Depicting an authentic sight?  
So many things happening around me and it just amazes me how God just continues to keep his hedge of protection around me and to bless me.I sometimes wonder about things that happened to me in the past and how so any people have walked out of my
I'm not sure how to wear self confidence
Break the lense
People always say a picture is worth a thousand words
You captured kings and warriors and now our bloodline fights back You underestimated the mystery and power behind those of us who are black You saw our strength and resilience and said “They’ll be fine to do our work”
Today I say good morning to the sun! Usually it is the sun that wakes me up every single day. But today is special... At six a.m. it is I smiling down as the Sun Stirred from his deep, deep slumber.
she breaths quiety sleeping soundly upon swead cushions comfortable and peaceful
My dear reader,  I strived to be God's helper.    I engaged myself in the conflict against evil, Yet, I could not conquer my own vice. I strived to be the light of the people,
The ocean So turbulent So wavy And yet Underneath It's perfectly calm
Bruno Mars lied to you girl. He said that you are beautiful just the way you are, but you aren’t. My friend, you are beautiful just the way you are supposed to be! Not plastic: covered in powder,
When I die Could you please not put any makeup on my face? That game is for the living And I have hit death- the most natural part of life So let my body join my soul in this freedom
A Thorny Mountain Raveled with spikes of venom  With no end in sight
Permed pressed and pampered My hair, oh my hair. Its beend abused and tampered with Since I was young how could I dare
Permed pressed and pampered My hair, oh my hair. Its beend abused and tampered with Since I was young how could I dare
I am a tornado in constant neutrality between anger and content carrying itself on, destroying whatever is in front of me, unapologetically.
I have this vision of myself at 24. Locked hair, maybe a tattoo. In outstanding health and shape. Cooking in my underwear and a tank top. Cooking something healthy like asparagus and salmon.  
Looking at myself, Smile, that’s all I need to do Be happy and live
I’m an abomination to this domestication society creates in women everyday I create my own flow to my own voice in ways that create mini earthquakes
Embrace the strength;   the new found confidence. Something women suppress
  When I turned eighteen, I made a choice. It wasn’t to protest racism, it was no sit-in. I simply chose not to sit in.
College is very scary. Taking the ACT and the SAT can be a pain.
Being in the world-Innate Melodies I bare these hands into the world unknown To callous amongst the graves and groves we sew. These hands that give me my name and shape
Butterfly my Butterfly Divine as my eyes Calm as my spirit
  The apathetic deal with their emotions by not touching them. Thoughts, what thoughts? They turn feeling into physicality Some say its a brute, primal way. But it's genius, Brilliant,
I write because I need the money. 
The Butterflies in her stomach emerged as sense- less words from her lips
I write to expose to become to release what I've held in so long because in a poem you don't have to lie but in life sometimes you do but here with my pencil I can be honest
Poetry is what makes me not my name.. Poetic mind frame. Personality on point.. I stay sharp. Nothing can faze me unless I allow it.. I keep thick skin. I attempt stay strong and emotionless..
Too bright Too powerful   Her breath of morning, Draws me in Her earthy glow of noon, Excites the melanin in my skin   Plants salivate at her flux of energy
I recall that pulse of summer, vivacious and lively when I first met you. Fall sprang into worlds of color, I learned the meaning of Love is Blue.   Through the winter, snow sparkled down.
The frown in the sky And a chasm upon the earth Is undone by the tender embrace of the sun The overwhelming, intoxicating rush of the water
The valleys green, the ocean blue The golden sun in the afternoon The soft brush of and offshore breeze And in the fall, the piles of leaves
quite {doesn't} mean(s) crazy crazy {doesn't} mean(s) distance distance {doesn't} mean(s) make believe make believe {doesn't} mean(s) fake fake {doesn't} mean(s) makeup makeup {doesn't} mean(s) sexy
A hundred and forty feet below, Tones of tan and brown are seen Under light they've never known.
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