acceptance lgbtq issues

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Honey and tea can taste so sweetWhen you're hiding the cutsThat they'll never see And my head is falling apart...I showed signs from the start...
He walks with ignominy Lost and confused He talks delphic with visions of his impiety Gentle in the way he hid his lust He had been drowned in a sea of mockery Castrated by his own, reluctant to adhere
The world could have been ours,  Could have been mine, But here I am, empty-handed. They say the truth will set you free,  but sometimes the truth is the iron bars,
I never believed in santa as a kid I don’t have a story to tell about how I find out the tooth fairy isn't real I don't know if it was because I watched too much tv
4 years agoI found something I didn’t know.It would change my life,Wasn’t sure it was right,Probably explains why I cried,Felt like I didn’t have a soul. It took seventeen yearsAnd seventeen years of fearBut in the mirror of my integrity,There wer
Every day is a battle, every year a war. I am your son, your daughter no more. Please, I beg thee not to cry,
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