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Inspired by Maxwell   Separated…it’s only temporary I keep asking questions but no one will answer me “Sir, wait outside, wait outside”
 Folded and sealed In another envelope I haven’t mailed Dealing with this sore wrist from my heavy writing Another headache from all this heavy thinking and questioning
Bump bump bump  Bump bump bump  Do you hear that? Ah amazing  Beautiful, gracious, pure, dark light  It is so beautiful 
from The pitch of the notes to the way the words form a quote. Music is deep,a story to be told different for everybody, young or old. The way the music flows from notes high to low
Singers Sing Drumers Hit Bassists Bass Guitarists Strum We SHOUT We Cry We Sing We Dance To The Beat Of The Drum They Hug We Tell Our Stories They Listen
Sweetly orchestrated is the music of which we live by. Birthed by emotions of hearts so stirred. To start off as nothing but a feeling, a thought, a word, it takes on the form of note. Sustained.
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