Winter Blossom


Dedicated to a dear friend named Sandra Hong, whose life was tragically lost and taken away from us too soon in October 2013. As long as her memory is kept alive in our minds and hearts, she will always live on--and that will always be enough for us to keep her in remembrance




Winter Blossom


A single white rose is a delicate,
Yet beautiful flower. However,
The moment it is picked and taken away
From its roots, is the moment where the 
Flower itself begins to wither away.


It is then up to the person who picked it
To decide how to prolong its longevity.
They can keep it for the day and
Toss it onto the pavement, or they can place it
Neatly between the pages of a novel.


Even though the weight of the book
May crush the rose, and the petals
May collect dust--it will not be abandoned.


And maybe the carrier of that book
Can one day open it, and recall back
To their first encounter with the white rose;
The day they picked it from its roots.


Because in its short life, the flower
Will at least be remembered; and
Being remembered will always
Be enough.

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