student loans

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    No one can make your dreams come true A thought provoking message from me to you If I want to make an imprint on society
Rapunzel was a free woman Who had courage, beauty, and smarts. But she desired an opportuniy, so she went looking For a degree in the liberal arts. She applied to her nearest college
America the Great, America the Free, Right?   If we’re so great,   Why am I scared Of the shackles of student loans?  
Please don’t refer to us as “batches” y’know, like prototype after prototype after prototype we didn’t ask to be struck and burned out like matches and while you wait for the time we’re ripe,
I am anxious. Scared of the future, scared of failure change. For the past three years, I have gone to a college- where my dad has worked for over a decade—for free, basically.
Why am I writing this?    Well, I filled out the forms, and I exceeded "the norm." I aced my classes I perked up my nerd glasses. I studied hard, I did what they said,
Preparing for my future, heading off to school Preparing to hold mountains of debt, You say, “This girl, she must be a fool”   But am I still going to take it? You bet Because education is the road to success
Need experience to get a job Need a job to get experience   Need a job to pay for college Need a college diploma to get a decent job   Only borrow as much as you can pay back a.k.a.
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