Who am I? Who are you?


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Who am I? Who are you?

A mirror.

I am you. I am the reflection of you. The true you. Your heart. Your soul. Your inner being. Your every essence. You have an indelible presence.

Why? Simply because you do. I am an exact copy of you. I am the fibers of your every being and muscles in soul, heart, body and mind. I am the brain. Your brain that…

Send the motor information to your brain to the muscle fibers that reside in your arm.

That sends the info to neuromuscular junction for depolarization to occur.

Causing the great interaction between actin and myosin myofilaments.

Causes your muscle fibers to contract or relax depending on how you, the great creator see fit. .

If you wanted to flex them, then the muscle fibers contract. On your command. I act on your command.

I am the mirror of you. The one you are discontent with and every grim reminder of your life. I am the joyful noise of your mornings and rich symphonies of your nights.

Oh no.

The goddess has forsaken me. She has informed me in a snide manner “You are not me. How dare you act as such?”

Then the agony seeps through the fissures of the unsteady mirror.

You are not her. You are not perfect. You will never be them.

Because you are you. The mirror you have hidden behind for so long is now gone. Sent to oblivion.

I am the sad piece of forgotten, forced and escaped reality of your self-deprecating mind. It’s not that I am worthless it is feeling of worthlessness conveyed by those who are trapped by mere mortal desires and cannot wield your worth.

Because you are you. The one and only you. Authentic.

I am my own goddess unknown and waiting to be discovered. Till then, I am a divine, brilliant, accomplished, elegant, and mundane human being as for now.
I am just simply waiting to discover myself. In a beautiful land that is my own. I search.

I tie my hands behind my back and postpone all answers.


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