What is like to live with a mental illness

Having a mental ilness is like walking blindfolded in a forest

You can never rest, you feel you can count on no one

Because your brain tells you there is no one

It says: "You don't have any friend but me"

And when you listen to that, is like walking directly into a tree

Multiple times

And the music you hear in your head is melancholic

Turns you into a drug addict and in an alcoholic

Seeking for something to feel

But nothing feels real.

You are not in control of your body and mind

The comments you hear are always unkind

And all you can feel is cold water against your skin

And the world you know and feel protected in starts to spin

And you go down, you drown

End up under tons of water

And a mum will cry, because she wasn't able to save her daughter.

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