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  The planting of a blossom On desert’s sand does bloom After rain’s sparse fall And the sun’s scorching rays But the worth of this is small Compared to other things  
I am not Perfect  I know for sure. I have my defects as well as yours ,  I may laugh too much or cry a lot.    I can be mean, and times do come. I get annoying 
crumbling inward, like the guilt eroding my body, it dies. darkening,  becoming weaker, my body thins out. all hope is gone. this is the end. light, dulling slowly.
I watch from the shadowsas you engulf her in your love-Your hands creeping up her sides,over her back and faceYour lips sharing words, feelings,affections, through hers I’m crushed
Silent, still, just like a rose her beauty in repose. Who would know? Is it those, that mock her? Or even those that pull her thorns? My, have you earned her scorn. Pity, she will never love you.
I'm on a thin sheet of ice. Either way I step I will have to pay the price. Contradicting ideas toy with my heart and mind, Ideas where not even sanity can unbind. Unbind my confusion of what to do
I would give you the moon on a spoon. The ocean in an oyster, the galaxy in a nutshell. Then let the stars align in the cracks of its openings. and let it seep through your melanon, touch deeply into the
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