The Void

How do I fill this void

I have tried distractions and diversions

But I am still a very sad person.

I try not to lose my writing passion

But sometimes it’s so overwhelming,

how these things happen,

Because you never really know what tomorrow is packing.

And despite my happiness being very gone,

Life just carries on.

And this time, I have stayed behind.

Because life, to me, has been most unkind,

I have never found a peaceful state of mind.

I am empty, but sometimes, I do feel things

A friend’s embrace, and the happiness it brings.

And they say I give them life

But what’s a life when all you want to do is die?

Growing tired of me

They begin to precede

Ripping away my heart,

Tearing me apart,

On my kindness they feed

and I think, to bandage, there is no need

because, for sure, my wounds were meant to bleed

I search and search for something to relieve me of my desolation

But I find that in this world, there is nothing for me

And I constantly find myself in frustration

There are a few who do come back

And try to save me from this world of black

But it’s not until we make contact,

That they realize, to do so would be signing a suicide pact

And once again, I am left alone.

It is a painful feeling that spans across my every bone.

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