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Being overwhelmed is not a rainbow of fun, It is not a peaceful morning at yoga, Or a peaceful lake in front of you. It's not as calming as a fish. Being overwhelmed is a blank canvas,
Cruising through the streets late at night in your new car,one of the greatest feelings I'll tell you.Could it be because we both know what could come out of this. 
"I'm fine" is a phrase that everyone knows all too well A  phrase used as a mask to deceive those who were daring enough to ask "Are you okay?" 
March on, march on Little soldier, march on. The path may be weary And dreary And cold Through the gauntlet of expression and conformity, Of G notes and B naturals, Of passion and emptiness,
The thing I’m most superficial about Is my own uniqueness   When I was a little kid It was important to me That I’d pick a different color or number
I Force myself To read other people's poems So that my mind will Be forced to fill the holes which my Heart is afraid of
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