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Oh I don’t know,  it’s four past midnight here. I do believe that cheese is best served at Three.
Tick Tock, Round the clock, Day in, Day out, Time goes on, Tick Tock, Day after day, Sun rises, Sun sets, Time goes on, Tick Tock, Moments pass, Hearts beat,
What is it? Why is it? How? Lunar gone loony That Jamacian wants bacon My atlas is torn and all I can do is watch some porn and I slide---
ABG Omega   No of course This wouldn’t make sense Because I was told that Schemes were to be followed
Come, darling, dance with me. We’ll soar to the top of the sea, Swim with all the birds that fly, Linger at the bottom of the sky. We’ll waltz the tango until we drop, Love each other until our hearts pop,
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