Three Women

The woman on the left

Lives like Proverbs' thirty-one.

She bakes her bread each day

With the rising of the sun.

She knows what her tasks are,

And how to get them done.

She never is too serious,

But can make her day fun.

She may lose in social things,

But in family she has won.

She trusts in God to provide,

And never brings down anyone.

The woman on the right

Lives like she has never tried,

She harms others with her tongue

And laughs when they have cried.

She stings and is quite haughty,

In God's presence- undignified.

She shoots arrows into hearts,

Her beauty has been men's divide.

She claims to do the impossible,

Yet in all her claims has lied.

She makes friends with bad company,

And from Jesus, turns them aside.

The woman in the center

Wonders which her mother is.

Her intuition tells her,

That the godly lady 'tis.

She weeps glad tears of joy

As her lost daughter is found.

What a happy reunion!

And the sinner fainted upon the ground.

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