identical twins

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Birds of a feather flock together,  born on the 23rd of october, here comes Wanya after Wilber-t, seven mintes after his brother. They were brought into this world together,
I am from the shared birthday and the mirror image standing next to me. I am from the guessing games and the mistaken identities.  I am from Twin A not Twin B. 
The woman on the left Lives like Proverbs' thirty-one. She bakes her bread each day With the rising of the sun. She knows what her tasks are, And how to get them done. She never is too serious,
Such an unexplainable bond. A love so great. Sisters, twins to be exact.  Jane and Alice. Seven years old now. Laughing for hours on end, alone in their room. Identical in every way except,  Alice was stillborn. 
I look in my mirror everyday, I always ask "are you ok?" My mirror does not like to talk, only to listen My mirror will never leave me on my mission but what if my mirror is gone? what if I am left all alone?
  Just oneNow how do I chooseWhen The Lord gave me two? Only oneI rely on two,My patience and my strength. A single oneWhy disregard oneWhen the best come in three? A mother.Identical twins.An undivided team.
Connected by the heart and clasped with a hand A whole lifetime and more spent in constant company, a single monochrome  In dazzling colors blended by genes, painted with love. Questioning identity in sadness Trapped in a mirror of dazzling irides
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