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"it is imperative that we, modern-beings, remember the mythicalities from long ago,  from the demi-Gods to the creatures with those halos" reflecting with some friends regarding these old fables
Once upon a time, when life was a dream and life was on the line, with a train losing steam, being lost wasn't fine, yelling "I don't know what's mine" rather lose track than lose my mind, 
Life is but a hoax A fable without moral that tries to coax You into searching for a better day While the choir and congregation all say With their passionless rhyme About the death of passing time
It is now that I understand that I have underestimated the angst towards complacency.   Complacency is being finished. Uninterested. The lack of fear.
I didn't do my homework. I hope we'll make amends. Last night I didn't study, I went out with my friends.   I stayed up late last night, So can I skip the test? You know that science project?
Know the molecules flowing in the  air, We breath the oxygen but we dont see where, Know snakes sneak to their evil lair, But we don't see length of the evil hair, Know the effect of the unfortunate lies,
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