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None of the phenomena can compare with the flicker of fireflies in the evening. Fireworks are dwarfed in size to them, even a parade.
In losing, but still finding In finding, feeling lostness In dreams achieved, you’ll notice  The unavoidable abyss  The chasm of the chase: ever yearning, never sate
"Valley Of Death"
As I scroll through my feed On Facebook, Twitter, Insta All I see is the chaos The crimes committed The idols worshipped The relationships ruined We hit the like button
Good morning great morning the sun is up it is burning my soul on fire raging like its storming grateful for the day i am earning
Phase 1:The rain was eating the world The acid drops falling into attack At first they had been glistening Sparkling clear, like giant glass tears
I can feel that when I kiss you The smallness of your face and lips In that their delicacy intrigues me In a deep and primal way, And in that strength it gives me I am able to feel that lovely vulnerability
I can feel you I know your here I can feel you walking around I can feel you cooking breakfast Your presence makes me smile Your presence makes me cry I'm happy.
In the blackest of the night, It glides through the overgrown grassand threw the sewers under the city streets.It swallows the minds of innocents.It rips into the lost souls.
The subway is never empty at night. By midnigth the street pets come out. They scatter throught out the subway grounds. In search of  memories people left behind. Items of comfort.
I sit down in the window seatand set my bag down beside me.I need to be alone.The train begins its epileptic convulsionsand screeches from within itself like it has Tourette's,but my only affirmation 
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