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  the swipe of the yellow card blurs  the transition between the outside to the underneath yellow lines separate commuters from the slick metal torpedoes they await
take the a train to fulton, walk three blocks drop off your lunch as if it is on the way to my destination only to head back to the apartment and hope you don't think you're an inconvenience   
They lined the station like tchotchkes placed in careful disarray, Here between F and 13th, Red cheeked and frosted breath, Bare porcelain angels waiting on the shelf of a Goodwill.
I fall in love with people for fifteen seconds at a time. A glimpse on the subway, A smile on the street, A brief connection in a café. There is a never ending supply Of beautiful souls in every moment.
Yesterday on the subway We sat Discussing politics or gossip When a blind beggar spoke. Stabbed in the eye and homeless He blessed the crowd for their generosity Which had yet to be proven
What death has become me? Concrete depths towards nothing. Consuming the delicious earth hallowed out by passege ways of metal and fire. Electricity Dirt and  Trash.
The subway is never empty at night. By midnigth the street pets come out. They scatter throught out the subway grounds. In search of  memories people left behind. Items of comfort.
Peeling scales in rosetta geometry down the rail Slick tile bearings, cigarette stained Haughty men (women too) locked in iron stride Shoulder brash against shoulder Stench one way, perfume another
Death was not an angelWith dark and spindly wingsAnd charcoal fabric- a shadowy face It's eyes did not glow redWhen it trotted through the doorIt's short claws clicked,dull, against the linoleum
I sit down in the window seatand set my bag down beside me.I need to be alone.The train begins its epileptic convulsionsand screeches from within itself like it has Tourette's,but my only affirmation 
The ride down to Canal takes a really long time Especially when you swipe the card and ride the 6 line. Stop after stop Enter and Exit Ages range from ancient to infant Strollers Bikes And bags
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