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when I choose you not the intention of the heart to hurt you when i love you not the intention of the heart to curb your freedom when I fell in love with you
I have been through it all From dawn to midnight I survived the heartaches, bitte truths And yet I am alive   I have been through it all From a start to an end I learned to walk, to run
We're swimming around in the pool full of trust
Away from my body, Exiting the mental noise. I observe the feathered edge of light Surrounding these form-bearing objects. What is the meaning of meaning? The stem-held nerve endings sway
You're mad cool,A friend in school,We go back to the ninth grade,
The pain in the pit of my stomach made me die a little more inside I don’t deserve to be treated like this is what I’ve began to realize Too many chances turning into lies as I give them away
Why does this keep happening? The pain and depression after the joy. I always think I'm doing better, When a memory hits.   I go spiraling back down into sadness.
The tears burn my face because of pain I can’t erase I dream of an escape these four walls are gonna take me burry me alive without memories to tell I wonder when I die will I be accepted into hell?
Water, Shelter, Food...Poetry It's just as vital to living a healthy life A way to express one's thoughts Helping to cope with everyday strife.   How could you even begin to take action
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