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My soul is overflowing. My brain is overwhelmed. My heart is bleeding. Filling my veins and pouring itself through my fingertips. Mixing with the ink on the page. My words staring back at me.
I’m doing a puzzle and thinking about how we spent the summer after your first chemo sitting next to that ugly, old table mom loved so much; about how we spent those first shitty months summoning all the strength we had to put on a good show for N
In stagnant waters of the soul, We hold to memory's from long ago. But,.. if in time we do not keep, From our lips we'll pray to keep. Secrets of the soul we leak, The joys and subtle tragedies.
Dear Missing Piece of Me, As I'm looking out the window at the clear blue sky, With the birds soaring on their tireless wings Wy does the time always seem to fly? On my mind are about a billion different things. 
The silence is burning straight through my brittle bones The silence is scary because it leaves a presence for daunt thoughts The first thing that races through my head is the need to die
One of my earliest memories is working on puzzles with my dad. He’d always tell me exactly what to do, to start with the corners and find all the edges,
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