Splitting Apart

I'm splitting apart
Every version that I've been
Wants to weigh in

Romance takes her chance
There's a gem of a truth
I can believe in

But doubt butts her out,
"Reality is framed
and you're the villain"

Sorrow borrows some time
enough to say that she
really should be leaving

But apathy wants to see
that all the others reach
the same conclusion

So will swallows the pill
and pacifies himself
for the sake of them

Drive flies with the hive,
Boredom takes a stab
at keeping attention

But interest goes the distance
Confusion is excited
to have been invited

And lust felt like he must
have been handed
the wrong address

Then torment forewent grace
and compassion had a
swift and violent reaction

She held a knife
against his throat

She said she cares,
"So no you don't"

I'm splitting apart
Regrets and loneliness
are dueling in the front yard

But fear hands me a beer
and tells me, "love
would love to be here"

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