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I am a marble statue Forever youngA broken reminent of by gone times A bittersweet reminderA silent echo of times long gone
What have we done? Well to be honest you did everything You danced on the biggest stage You made it through our high school life and problems
Can i see them' jordans, lebrons, and kobes? or no how abou them yeezys? spendin' $400 on some sneakers? nah they makes my queezy. would scream and cry if they had a spot of dust, just like metal with rust.
“somewhere, there is a museum of unfinished surgeries.” – Dylan GarityI. the man who runs this place wears blue Nikes.he keeps them clean for the most part, aside
We are trapped,  We are lost,  We need to get out,  But we do not know where we are, We are slaves to the rich,  Lets get on the piss,  Lets charge the gates of gold, Lets break te chains,
Sneakers, gym shoes, my father call them gymmies. Nikes, Jordans, Jays ; I love them Its funny;
The best pair of shoes, that I ever did lose, fit on my feet, like paper to glue. The best pair of shoes, that I ever did lose, frayed laces abound, yet I did not peruse.
Running fades the images inside my head. Running fades the sounds around me. Running fades heartache. Running fades my problems. I run, away from it all. Running fades the doubts people have on me.
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