Poems from Elandria

An aspiring author and a semi-active poet, I often take the characters from my book(s) and take them to my poetry, though, more often than not, I will focus on other subjects and let my creativity flow where it wishes to go. Elandria, my username, is actually one of the characters from my book, though she is honestly everything I would want to be, if I could choose!
There is a veil over my eyes,One thick, and made of fog,Made of years of sighs,And risen from a malodorous bog,   Reach out towards it I...
In first grade, I was the bright girl with almond eyes,My eyes quite brown, even amber in the sunrise, My skin always tan, bronze from...
To tell you the truth,I am fearful, petrified,That you see my heart.  
Are you here with me?,I want to see your bright eyes,Fervent and complete. 
If you wait for your destiny,Then your destiny will be to wait.