This Sickness Prevents My Life


Something isn't right, 

this feeling I feel.

I see no sight,

but this is real.


This insane pain,

is something I can't handle.

I hide away in shame,

hoping I can see a beam of light from a candle.


But everything I hope for,

doesn't work out.

My life is a low score,

and all I do is pout.


On some days,

I feel like nothing's wrong.

I see beautiful bays,

and hear a song.


But those days are rare,

they never come around.

My life is in a scare,

and I am forever bound.


Bound to this sickness,

that prevents me from growing.

This is my weakness,

that I will not be strolling.


Strolling around the park,

hearing people say I look like a kid.

My life has no spark,

my life is nothing to bid.


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