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I have advice for whoever is listening. It’s not very good but I’ill try my best. I hate it when a book ends and I hate it when I accidently forget to replace the shampoo bottle before I get into the shower.
Tell me what I've done matters Make me believe it will be okay Days, weeks,  months later I don't care when. Tell me I'm doing the right thing.
Somewhere a world is hidden beyond the stretch of the eye. Something you can sneak a glance at where the ocean meets the sky.   But in order to find that place you must promise before you go.
Believe in yourself, and what life has in store. Just never forget your past, and remember what you live for.   You have touched the hearts of the people around you. You are loved by so many;
Here I stand. Hit by 17 years worth of pain. Here I stand. Struggling with the most elementary problems. Here I stand. Against the ridicule of society.
It's cold; hard winter but there's blazing heat The passion of young love feels so alive,
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