Sensuality and Satiation

Wed, 12/13/2017 - 20:30 -- karenlu
  1. Night


Dappled and worn through the excesses of time,

modest moonlight filters in

through the gauze of the dancing curtain

And among the illuminated lights in the water

she feels the darkness snake

across the satin sheets while she dreams of dominion.


There is, in her dominion,

endless, boundless time.

The rivers flood with blood, and the hissing, snake-

like, lovely voice of Lucifer beckons her in,

past the gates, over stilled fertile plains and churning water.

She dreams in the ancient seraglio, while draped in a red curtain.


  1. Morning


She wakes up, and opens the curtain

Golden light is fragmented only by the willows that shiver in her dominion

She is thirsty, so she pours wine but only water

reaches her lips, as punishment for how she spent her time.

Piles of pears and figs meet ivory cream in

a porcelain bowl shaped like a snake.


Dew glistens on the snake,

illuminated by the timeless sun that shines through the ethereal curtain

It leaves the morning awash in

light. Yet the sun’s cycles do not matter in her dominion

Through night, through morning, and through the afternoon, time

is endless, like the reflections of horizons in water.


  1. Afternoon


In the isolation of the sky, in the oblivion of the water,

It undulates, supple and turbulent, the snake.

The scales are supple and silken, peeking out from between the wings of time.

The forest, deep and dark, drape over her land like a curtain

Broken only by the fertile hills of the dominion

she sinks downward to darkness in


an afternoon, as she hears the chant of paradise in

the heavenly fellowship between sky and water

But she cannot leave her dominion

As the venom of the snake

is final, like the curtain

at the play’s end. The show goes on for all time.


     It is beautiful, her dominion. She wants for naught in

the endless time. The water

welcomes her and the snake drapes over her. Curtain


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