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the snake was coiled  in the grass & i  without shoes leaving the possiblity  of barefoot and bitten with the most bitter painfull words known to
feelings, take an ax to my head  bullet to my heart  knife to my back   how it is, if you going to say something, Say it if your going to do something, Do it
I stand alone but not alone,With the Aesir by my side.My Gods, I know they are guiding me,As I walk through life with pride.
Slithering below. I reach my hand to touch it. My hand is now gone.
A girl briefly met Death after Hissing for twelve years and  Death was prompt and eager. The container of her life Turned against her.
Night   Dappled and worn through the excesses of time, modest moonlight filters in through the gauze of the dancing curtain
The snake is a creep.It slyly trails its victims,Waiting to eat them.
Slip, over moss and leaves, Over the land that breathes, I am the Serpent,
Go ahead and talk you shit see if I will care all dem bitches spreadin shit that isn't even real bitch, whore, fake as fuck! you say I'm the slut?? "I sleep around" and "I'm fucking guys"
In a different life things would be bliss, And I would not have the need to search the words to dis You and the curse brought upon my family’s life. Without the necessity to fight upon your wicked knife
Once a disassembled existance, I was burdened within a gyre of unending thought. Pressing through time with little resistance, I did what I pleased, knowing naught   Of the troubles to come,
the serpent says I should
You told me life was crazy Never about the snakes in the grass You told me they were evil One bite- I would never last
The shadow s
The beautiful shine of your golden skin---It nearly blinds my eyes.Surrounded by a crown of golden leaves,
  Darling, I warned you
The serpents eye is misleading, 
You talk a great deal about your struggles. You pin them up like badges of honor when really you are a coward hiding in the corner behind those "friends" you deem your pawns.
Left, Right, Up, Down Circles and zigzags Slither, Slither, Slither All to find a black dot   But is the snake searching For that black dot Or running from the ones It already found
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