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My power My center Sacred space Life giving Gateway to intense pleasure Source of great pain
Night   Dappled and worn through the excesses of time, modest moonlight filters in through the gauze of the dancing curtain
Falling leaves swirl by Squirrels peek through the pane My companion's eyes caress me Our serenade is rain Fingers dance along my spine Lips across my face
odd how i think ofYou in the spice aisleof the grocer near my homewhich sits empty,waiting forYour bodyto fill it with the smell of rosemary andsmoke.   if only i had time
Your morning breath blew beautifully A familiar funk stuck on the windowsill I’d steal this stench and drench my windowpanes repetitiously  
When I lean into your neck and a sigh escapes my mouth, I am trying to tell you how to touch me.  
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