The River of Fraudulent Memories


Warmth Falls
Feelings Fade
What you see, You see no more
Consumed in shadows of the past
Desperately wishing to break free
To change...
Just as the others have
False hope and Fraud love
So heartfelt, yet so artificial
Pain is the reality
The actuality of it all
Catch reality
Never lose sight of it
The warmest soul will abscond
And end in the river of fraudulent memories
Do not dwell, Endure
Therein lies strength
Lies happiness
Synthesize your own warmth
Only you can govern your feelings
And only you will survive



By far, my favorite part in writing this poem was the strong effect it had on me as an
individual. I had recently just lost practically all of my friends and I was on the recovery
process from that. Many days and many night I spent crying my heart out, uncertain if I was
going to pull through this. I had cut and I had felt much trouble going through this. This one
night I stood up until 3 in the morning and on that night I felt the urge to write this poem.
And the very next day, I had changed. I was a more stronger human being and I knew that
I could pull through, and I knew I could make it. Not only do I love the effect it had on me
but I wanted this poem to tell other people that if they can catch themselves, they won't stay
stuck like I was. To keep pushing forward and to move on so you will become a stronger
person. This is my favorite part of the poem, the effects it has had on myself and hopefully

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