Natural Beauty

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There is nothing better than a sky filled with clouds that are ready to pour down rain. And the only thing that rivals that is when the heavens open up to bless the Earth with cool and gracious water.
"The expanse of the sky  The shine of the stars When the sleeping world lies The golden silence is ours The great big sea With hidden graves The oceans deep With countless waves
I am a queen of the Nile like Cleo and Nefertiti, It doesn't even matter if you like, friend, or see me,
Why would I use sephia to cover up my freckles,
I rarely see shooting starsPlenty of airplanes have crossed airways above me,But they just don’t do it for me.Being man-made birds make any possible wishes on them seem materialistic.
You look in the mirror but what you see isn't really you Sure it's you standing there but it's missing something too   You don't see the way your eyes sparkle when talking about something you like
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