Pill Poppers

Peter Piper Picked a Pair of Pills to Pop

Just to see what they’d do to him

He Popped a cocktail stocked with

Adderall, Buspar, Benzos and Zoloft-

But they didn’t send him soaring like his friends said they should

Like he thought they would.

You see, Peter’s Pals don’t Pop the Pills like Peter does-

Peter Piper failed to Properly Profess

That the Pair of Pills he Picked to Pop

Were Prescribed by the doc that Promised Peter 

He would feel better...


Better grades and grateful teachers.

But fucking with chemistry doesn’t guarantee sanity just calls for more therapy-

Explain to me why

humanity solves

everything with

a Band-aid

Binding battle wounds with paper and praying it stops the bleeding.


I’ve gotten used to the feeling popping pills provide me-

Creativity ceded for the appeal of apathy

But now that I’m grown and have learned how to cope

The world ain't so helpful to me anymore

My pills don’t cost like they used to no more

My teachers don’t help keep my grades up no more

Now that I am no longer a subtracted detraction

Distraction, disruption, disobedient delinquent.

Instead of talking and tapping and running and laughing

The chaos is caged in my cranium's stadium

And I’m the only one here to hear the show.

When I was a kid I felt like everyone looked after me

Even though in reality they were just keeping track of me

Demanding submission

Requesting restrictions

Suggesting prescriptions

Creating a pill popper and expecting normality

I mean, I guess apathy’s much better than hyperactivity


Part of me wants to be back the way I used to be 

when I used to breathe

Without my serotonin saviors-

My dopamine dealers 

That only give me what I need

When I get on my knees

And take them down my throat.

I’m a registered drug addict

disguised in the lie that these drugs aren’t those drugs

Because my prescription subscription certifies my addiction

But those drugs help too.

My brain is so fucked up 

that the shit that makes you fly

Just pulls my head above the water 

so I can stop drowning for a couple of hours.


It's scary when you realize that 

you need these drugs to survive-

Normal was interrupted, disrupted and adjusted

To fit the checkbox checking if you take your medicine every morning...

Every morning...

Every morning I sign my soul 

to the deceiving demon of dependence

That came to simply satisfy my symptoms and suffering

But now enslaves me and enchants me

with the normalcy it brings me.

I’m still stuck in some sick simulation

And the only way to wake up 

from this matrix of madness

Is to take this pill...

This drink...

This joint.

Because only then I am free-

Only then I am finally 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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