Oviedo, Florida

Oh Oviedo, Florida

How I adore you

I’ve never seen you

But I know where you are


Jacquelyn and Amanda

Talk of road trips heading West

But I want to go South

To the water that surrounds you


Oh Oviedo, Florida

How I miss you

And the way that you embrace me

With nothing less than your soul


I wonder how many palm trees

Are scattered around your house

Swishing in the breeze

Whispering your secrets to me


Oh Oviedo, Florida

How you’ve changed

Only sending a postcard

Once a month when u can


How hard do the changes choke you

The lonely breeze

Begging to envelope you

Keeping you in place


Oh Oviedo, Florida

How you worry me

Go back to homeland San Francisco

The place where you belong


Maybe I’ll go back too

To homeland Sacramento

And we can finally meet

Somewhere in the middle


Oh Oviedo, Florida

How you hurt yourself

Pretending that it’s all alright

And you’ll be back in no time


If you’re so worried

Hold on to what’s real

And don’t forget where you’re from

Sweet San Francisco


Oh Oviedo, Florida

How you’ve broken up

Too lost in your own horizon

To turn around and see mine


The effort of staying true

Is too much for you

At least it is when your unfamiliar borders

Keep you locked away


Oh Oviedo, Florida

How I wonder about you

What would you say

If you knew how I’m feeling?


You’d say something sweet

And fill me with reassurance

The stars would fill my room

And nothing else would matter


Oh Oviedo, Florida

How you mystify me

Becoming the greatest question

That walks along the sand


Don’t come looking for me

If you know where I am

For Austin, Minnesota

Is nothing but a no-man’s land.


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