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What I Am inside Me got us thru year '20, houseless & sent to street Life. No matter the darkness We ran from. We let the past go, to know We made it. Free to Live in Lightness.
He was a grain of sand and you were the ocean. You are so much more than he could ever hope to be, and when your tide comes in he will be a distant memory.
"Raise that head up! Straighten that spine!
Resilience Resilient. Tough. Strong. Euphemisms for life having gone on. Because every morning I paint on a smile And tell myself I will be okay after a while.
January Another year, another promise to myself to be happy February The weather outside isn’t the only thing that’s cold The sadness transformed into hatred March I refuse to give up this time,
Resilient. For I can sail my boat despite the chaotic storms. In the dictionary you would find my name, picture, soul next to the definition of resilient. What made me resilient? My battles.
You asked for one word But I am more than that. You asked for one definition But I can defy that.
As I walk through the streets of the city I see people stare as I walk by My mind makes me think of why
See, I'm seeing  I'm dreaming, I've been achieving, Overcoming and healing  from a life of grieving  embarking on a mission to freedom  there is no concealing me  its been my destiny 
Going to college has never been a matter of whether or not I'm going. It's a matter of where and why. But now I'm going to end up owing, More than my family has got kept, All the money spent just getting by.
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