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Unwanted, I feel unwanted like a useless  plastic bag floating in the wind.
What piece to move next!Contemplating if I should pick the short route or the longer, more rewarding one Twisting into the middle of the board Where the candy castle lies  
Jealousy doesn't get you anywhere in life. Chasing doesn't get you the person you want. Stealing doesn't get you the satisfaction you deserve. Screaming doesn't get people to listen. 01°30•15°
I’ve seen society fall apart.
I'm stuck in this quicksand of expectation. There's no where for me to go but down. To the bottom of the hole. But is there a bottom?
I'm hurting so bad... She doesn't know Cause she's glad I'm not in her show, I meant life, But its the same I want a knife No more of the shame
She started to twirl.
So I just did a spoken word poetry today during Sunday Service and guess what? It was bad, literally bad. Bad from the compostion to the articulation of thoughts to the actual voicing out of the words.
For those of you who have a BURN BOOK... This is different. Not really. JS- My first kiss, nice enough kid. TH- Angry Anakin, such a moodie cutie. Well, Padme didn't stick around.
There's a large crowd and I'm in the back. All preps and pretties with beautiful bodies are at the front.   The second crowd,  only with men hurry to find the prettiest girl
Enhale toxins. It numbs.
at the end of every today that passes i lay able to rest because i know that it means i am yet another day closer another day closer to my tomorrow
I’m giving up So sorry I just can’t anymore I can’t keep trying so hard for naught And I can’t waste my time I’m giving up happiness Because nobody gives a fuck about mine So why should I?
Count them as they go down. 7, 8, 9, 10. This is taking too long. Where did I put it? Why can't I find it? What did you do with it? Did you hide it from me? I don't see why.
The pain I always hide, I just keep it bundled up, I wont let it show, I wont take much more, But I can not let him go, And all these things I say, Im just lying here,
We question the gifts that we are given not realizing the lives that are taken because of our greed and the seeds that we plant in the minds of our seeds and the hearts of our souls. Who are we to question Gods plan?
You could hear her plea “Oh please, Oh please Death! Let go of me! I need to live, I need to breathe!” Yet Death did not stop As he took her in. He did not stop, As Death was bound to win.
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